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Fall 2019 Camp & Program Info

Hello Broncos Family, I hope that you have had a great summer and have been blessed with time with family!  We are putting the finishing touches on our plans for Fall and we are excited to kick off another great Broncos year!
Our Fall schedule will include our annual Fall Camp and Festival, our Annual Meeting and we’ll wrap things up with our Uniform Meeting in November as we prepare for the Spring Season.  More details will be coming soon about each event, but here is our schedule for the next month.
Annual Meeting:  September 9th (Monday) from 6-7 pm at MRCC (Memorial Road Church of Christ) in Edmond.  Our annual meeting is a great time to reconnect with our Broncos Family and meet new Broncos who will be joining us this year.  We will meet to talk about our Program and introduce our plans for the coming Year.  There will be registration forms to fill out for Fall Camp and information on our Fall Workouts, sponsored by ARC and Knight Performance.  Also, we will be discussing Dues for the year and payment options.  We will send out more information as we get closer to the date.  Save the Date – September 9th!
Fall Camp:  Our Fall Camp will run from September 17th – October 29th.  We will be practicing at our Home Field at Hefner Park and will be working out on Tuesday/Thursday and Fridays.  Our Fall Camp is optional for all players, but highly encouraged.  The Fee for Fall Camp is $100, which will apply towards Spring Dues.  The Fee is due by the first day of Camp.  Our camp will wrap up on Oct 29th with our Fall Festival and Softball game with our Sister Program, the Lady Broncos.
The schedule for Fall Camp will be as follows:
Tuesday: 6 – 8 pm.  (Arrive 15 minutes early to dress and warmup.)
Thursday: 4 – 6 pm.
Friday: 4 – 7 pm.
More information will be coming about each Event as we get closer, and we’ll push out information via email and our App if there are any changes as soon as possible.  If you have not downloaded our App, download “Team App” on your mobile device, and search for “OKC Broncos Baseball” and join the High School team.  Last minutes updates, schedules and notes from Coaches will be sent out via our App.
In the meantime, please contact me with any questions or to update your contact information.
John Edmunson

2019 High School Summer Schedule

The Oklahoma City Broncos play a competitive 5A/6A level varsity schedule during the spring season. Game times and locations below subject to change.

May 23-26Woodward TournamentWoodwardV2TBDTBD
28-MayHeritage HallHefnerV26 & 87 and 5
29-MayBethanyBethanyV26 & 87 and 5
29-MayDaleHefnerFr-So6 & 85 and 5
31-MayEdni PlainsmenHefnerFr-So17:007 innings
May 30 - June 2Blanchard TournamentBlanchardV2TBDTBD
3-JunPiedmontHefnerV21 & 37 and 5
3-JunPiedmontHefnerFr-So6 & 85 and 5
4-JunPC WestPC WestV26 & 87 and 5
4-JunMeekerMeekerFr-So6 & 85 and 5
5-JunEl RenoEl RenoV26 & 87 and 5
5-JunPiedmontPiedmontFr-So1 & 35 and 5
June 6 - 9Yukon TournamentYukonFr-SoTBDTBD
10-JunMooreMooreFr-So6 & 85 and 5
11-JunPC WestHefnerV26 & 87 and 5
12-JunDel CityDel CityV26 & 87 and 5
13-JunShawneeTBDFr-SoTBD5 and 5
June 13 - 16Carl Albert TournamentTBDV2TBDTBD
14-JunPiedmontHefnerFr-So6 & 85 and 5
17-JunNorman NorthHefnerFr-So2 & 45 and 5
17-JunPiedmontHefnerV26 & 87 and 5
18-JunBethanyHefnerV26 & 87 and 5
18-JunCarl AlbertCarl AlbertFr-So6 & 85 and 5
June 20 - 23RDL ChampionshipTBDV2TBDTBD
June 20 -23RDL ChampionshipTBDFr-SoTBDTBD
25-JunEnid MajorsEnidV25 & 77 and 5