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Varsity Level Baseball Teams for Homeschool Athletes 


Competitive Varsity Baseball for Home School Students

The OKC Broncos varsity baseball team was established in 2000. Today, it is a full program that emphasizes strong fundamental and skills instruction, character and leadership development, and competitive oppportunities for players looking to advance to the next level. The Broncos play a full varsity schedule that includes many 5A & 6A public and private school opponents,  and each spring season culminates in Florida for the national homeschool world series tournament. 

Spring 2020 rosters closed

Rosters for all our high school/varsity aged teams are now closed for the spring season. The next opportunity to join will be summer baseball.
If you’re interested or want to learn more, contact us.

2020 High School Schedule

The Oklahoma City Broncos play a competitive 5A/6A level varsity schedule during the spring season. Game times and locations below subject to change.

2/18BethanyHefner (Bronco Stadium)V/JV4:00 / 6:00scrimmage
2/20OCSHefner (Bronco Stadium)V/JV4:30 / 6:30scrimmage
2/24McGuinessHefner (Bronco Stadium)V/JV4:00 / 6:00scrimmage
2/27OKC BroncosHefner (Bronco Stadium)JH-A; Fr/So4:00scrimmage
2/28OKC BroncosHefner (Bronco Stadium)JH-A; Fr/So4:00scrimmage
3/3McGuinnessHefner (Bronco Stadium)Fr/So4:30 / 6:305 and 5
3/5PCHefner (Bronco Stadium)V/JV4:30 / 6:307 and 5
3/5PCPCFr/So4:305 and 5
3/6GuthrieHefner (Bronco Stadium)Fr/So4:305 and 5
3/9PiedmontHefner (Bronco Stadium)Fr/So4:30 / 6:305 and 5
3/9TecumsehTecumsehV/JV5:007 and 5
3/12Heritage HallCANCELLEDV/JV4:30 / 6:30
3/12El RenoCANCELLEDJV/Fr-So4:305 and 5
3/13BlanchardCANCELLEDV/JV5:007 and 5
3/16ComancheCANCELLEDJV/Fr-So4:007 and 5
3/17Tulsa NOAHCANCELLEDV/JV4:007 and 5
3/19-21Tuttle TournamentCANCELLEDVTBD7
3/20NewcastleCANCELLEDFr/So4:00 / 6:005 and 5
3/24PCCANCELLEDV/JV4:307 and 5
3/26-28Piedmont TournamnetCANCELLEDJVTBD7
3/26-28McLoud TournamentCANCELLEDVTBD7
3/28SandlotCANCELLEDFr/So-JH White3:005 and 5
3/30PiedmontCANCELLEDJV4:30 / 6:305 and 5
3/31Edmond NorthCANCELLEDFr/So4:30 / 6:305 and 5
4/2NormanCANCELLEDFr/So4:305 and 5
4/3McGuinnessCANCELLEDFr/So4:305 and 5
4/2-4Choctaw TournamentCANCELLEDVTBD7
4/2-4Carl Albert TournamentCANCELLEDJVTBD7
4/6ShawneeCANCELLEDV/JV4:307 and 5
4/7Tulsa NOAHCANCELLEDV/JV4:007 and 5
4/9-11Choctaw TournamentCANCELLEDFr-SoTBD7
4/9-11Bill Tipton TournamentCANCELLEDVTBD7
4/10Edmond NorthCANCELLEDJV4:307 and 5
4/13PiedmontCANCELLEDFr-So4:305 and 5
4/13OCASENIOR NIGHT - HefnerV/JV4:30 / 6:307 and 5
4/16-18Guthrie TournamentGuthrieVTBD7
4/16-18Carl Albert TournamentCarl AlbertFr/SoTBD7
4/17NewcastleNewcastleJV4:005 and 5
4/20DaleDaleV/JV4:307 and 5
4/21KingfisherHefner (Bronco Stadium)JV5:00 / 7:005 and 5
4/21NewcastleNewcastleV/Fr-So5:007 and 5
4/23Heritage HallHefner (Bronco Stadium)V/JV5:00 / 7:007 and 5
4/24Heritage HallHeritage HallV/JV5:007 and 5
4/24BethanyHefner (Bronco Stadium)Fr/So4:30 / 6:307 and 5
4/27-5/2HWSA World SeriesFloridaVTBD7