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Varsity Level Baseball Teams for Homeschool Athletes 


Competitive Varsity Baseball for Home School Students

The OKC Broncos varsity baseball team was established in 2000. Today, it is a full program that emphasizes strong fundamental and skills instruction, character and leadership development, and competitive opportunities for players looking to advance to the next level. The Broncos play a full varsity schedule that includes many 5A & 6A public and private school opponents,  and each spring season culminates in Florida for the national homeschool world series tournament. 

Key Info for 2022-23 School Year

Here is a summary of information about the school ball program for high school/Junior high and important dates/events.

General Information:

  • The field is located at 3301 NW Grand Blvd. 73116.
  • Broncos play a very competitive schedule against 2A - 6A schools
  • Junior High practice start last week in January. Practices are M/T/T/F from 6-8:15pm
  • High school practice starts first week of January Practices are M/T/T/F from 3-6pm
  • Games are in March and April. We take a short break in May and then play Red Dirt summer league in June. Most weeks have 3-6 games (some weeks have tournaments that run Thursday-Saturday).
  • High school varsity goes to the Home School World Series in Florida in early May.
  • Game times vary but follow typical school ball scheduling. Start times are typically 4pm, 5pm or 6pm but can be earlier. Regular season games (non tourney) are double headers so game days mean 4-5 hours at the field.
  • Annual Meeting:  September 15th, 7pm
  • Fall Festival October 27th, 2022

Our annual meeting is a great time to reconnect with our Broncos Family and meet new Broncos who will be joining us this year.  We will meet to talk about our program and introduce our plans for the coming year.  It is a great chance to meet and talk with coaches and board members.  There will be registration forms to fill out for Fall Camp.

Fall Training Starts September 20th

High School Fall Training: September 20th through October 25th. Tuesdays & Thursdays (3:30-6pm)
Junior High Fall Training: September 22nd through October 25th. Tuesdays & Thursdays (5:30-8:45pm)
Fall Training is optional for all players but attendance is highly encouraged
See below for the fee which is applied towards spring baseball dues


Uniform Fitting Meeting: October 17th: This is a mandatory meeting for uniform fitting/ordering.  We will also be outlining our Spring practice and game schedule.

Fan Gear – we will do a fan gear store in the Fall so that everyone can get gear for Holiday gifts or just get it early for spring.  This will be separate from our Uniform gear order that we discuss at the Uniform Fitting Meeting.

Dues and Other Costs:

High School - $850 per player ($200 due for Fall Camp)
Junior High School - $700 per player ($100 due for Fall Camp)
Uniforms/Hats/Etc. - $200 to $300 (does not include cost for pants, under shirts, belts and shoes)
The fee above includes Fall Training, Spring (School) season and Red Dirt League (Summer)
For those that would like to set up a Payment Plan, we can do that.
We are an approved EPIC vendor so we can invoice for all or part of player dues (uniforms are not eligible).  Make sure we know that your son is an EPIC student if you plan to utilize EPIC funds for dues.

Broncos Board:

As a Board, we have one goal – to serve.  If you don’t know a Board Member, get to know one and be sure to encourage and pray for them.  All of these men sacrifice many hours to serve these young men with no expectations of reward.  Here are the current Board Members:  OJ Johnston, Rod Davey, Greg Heard, Brenden Gateley, Scott Parnell, Jon Skelly and Shane Hanes.

If you are interested in attending Fall Training please complete the registration on the form below.

2022 Fall Training Registration

We are now accepting registrations for fall training for players grades 6-12.

Fall training will begin in late September.

High School Schedule

The Oklahoma City Broncos play a competitive 5A/6A level varsity schedule during the spring season. Game times and locations below subject to change.

February 16, 20235:00 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityNorth Rock CreekNorth Rock CreekScrimmage
February 18, 20231:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityMeekerHefnerScrimmage
February 20, 20234:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityCashionHefnerScrimmage
February 23, 20234:00 PMHS - Freshman/SophomoreJH - RedHefnerScrimmage
February 24, 20234:00 PMHS - Freshman/SophomoreJH - RedHefnerScrimmage
February 24, 20234:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityGuthrieGuthrieScrimmage
February 27, 20233:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTulsa - NoahTulsa - Noah7 - 5
February 28, 20234:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityBishop McGuinnessHefnerScrimmage
March 2, 20234:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityBethanyBethany7 - 5
March 3, 20235:00 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityEdmond NorthEdmond North7 - 5
March 6, 20234:30 PMHS - Freshman/SophomoreCarl AlbertHefner5 - 5
March 6, 20236:00 PMHS - VarsityKingfisherKingfisher7
March 9, 20234:30 PMHS - VarsityBishop McGuinnessBishop McGuinness7
March 10, 20235:00 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityBlanchardBlanchard7 - 5
March 15, 2023HS - VarsityTBDTuttleTournament
March 16, 2023HS - VarsityTBDTuttleTournament
March 17, 2023HS - VarsityTBDTuttleTournament
March 18, 2023HS - VarsityTBDTuttleTournament
March 18, 20231:30 PMHS - Junior VarsityMeekerMeeker7 - 5
March 18, 20231:30 PMHS - Freshman/SophomoreMeekerMeeker7 - 5
March 20, 20235:00 PMHS - Freshman/SophomoreBishop McGuinnessBishop McGuinness5 - 5
March 21, 20237:00 PMHS - VarsityTulsa - NoahSelect Location7@ OKC Dodgers Stadium
March 23, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDSelect LocationTournamentTX Tournament
March 23, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDSelect LocationTournamentTX Tournament
March 24, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDSelect LocationTournamentTX Tournament
March 24, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDSelect LocationTournamentTX Tournament
March 25, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDSelect LocationTournamentTX Tournament
March 25, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDSelect LocationTournamentTX Tournament
March 28, 20234:30 PMHS - Freshman/SophomoreCarl AlbertCarl Albert5 - 5
March 30, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDBethanyTournament
March 30, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDChoctawTournament
March 31, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDBethanyTournament
March 31, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDChoctawTournament
April 1, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDBethanyTournament
April 1, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDChoctawTournament
April 3, 20234:30 PMHS - Freshman/SophomoreDeer CreekDeer Creek5 - 5At JH Field
April 4, 20235:00 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityHarrahHarrah7 - 5
April 6, 20235:00 PMHS - VarsityKingfisherHefner7
April 11, 20234:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityOKC KnightsOKC Knights7 - 5
April 13, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDGuthrieTournament
April 13, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDCarl AlbertTournament
April 14, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDGuthrieTournament
April 14, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDCarl AlbertTournament
April 15, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDGuthrieTournament
April 15, 2023HS - Freshman/SophomoreTBDCarl AlbertTournament
April 20, 20234:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityBethanyHefner7 - 5Senior Night
April 21, 20235:00 PMHS - VarsityEdmond NorthHefner7Little League Night
April 24, 20234:30 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityOKC KnightsHefner7 - 5Donor Recognition Night
April 25, 20233:00 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityPracticeHefnerPractice
April 27, 20233:00 PMHS - Varsity/Junior VarsityPracticeHefnerPracticeLoad Trailer for HWSA
May 1, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDFloridaHWSA
May 2, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDFloridaHWSA
May 3, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDFloridaHWSA
May 4, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDFloridaHWSA
May 5, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDFloridaHWSA
May 6, 2023HS - Varsity/Junior VarsityTBDFloridaHWSA