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Varsity Level Baseball Teams for Homeschool Athletes 


Competitive Varsity Baseball for Home School Students

The OKC Broncos varsity baseball team was established in 2000. Today, it is a full program that emphasizes strong fundamental and skills instruction, character and leadership development, and competitive oppportunities for players looking to advance to the next level. The Broncos play a full varsity schedule that includes many 5A & 6A public and private school opponents,  and each spring season culminates in Florida for the national homeschool world series tournament. 

2020-21 Player Registration

Registration for Summer Baseball with the OKC Broncos has closed, but we are now accepting Registrations for the 2020-2021 Season. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact with more information.

Registration for the 2020 Fall and 2021 Spring season with the OKC Broncos will close on September 1, 2020.

2020 High School Schedule

The Oklahoma City Broncos play a competitive 5A/6A level varsity schedule during the spring season. Game times and locations below subject to change.

28 to 31Woodward TournamentWoodwardV2TBD7
1 to 4Enid ShootoutEnidV2TBD7
7SandlotBroncos FieldFr./So.5 and 7Scrimmage
8KingfisherKingfisherHS5:307 and 5
9CC RedDavis BallparkHS2 and 47 and 7
10KingfisherKingfisherHS5:305 and 5
11 to 13Lindsay TournamentLindsayHSTBD7
15KingfisherBroncos FieldHS5:307 and 5
17KingfisherKingfisherHS5:305 and 5
18 to 20Ambassadors FestivalCHAHSTBD7
22MooreBroncos FieldHS5 and 77 and 5
25BurkburnettWeatherford RaderHS10:30 AM7
26MonarchsWeatherford HydroHS2:00 PM7
26TravelersWeatherford RaderHS7:30 PM7
27Monarhs BlackWeatherford RaderHS10:30 AM7
30EnidBroncos FieldHS5 and 77 and 5
2McLoudMcLoudHS6 and 87 and 5
4Enid FestivalEnidHS3:45 and 67 and 7
5Enid FestivalEnidHS1:30/3:457 and 7
7EnidEnidHS5 and 77 and 5
9EnidBroncos FieldHS5 and 77 and 5
13McLoudBroncos FieldHS6 and 87 and 5
16 to 19Broncos HS FestivalBroncos FieldHSTBD7
21McGuinnessBroncos FieldHS6 and 85 and 5
23 to 25Ambassadors TournamentUSAOHSTBD7